History, art, fascinating ruins, silence and scenery; amongst the infinite beauty of Italy, Maremma Tuscany has all of this and more for those who love adventure, exploring the trails left behind by ancient civilisations and coming into contact with a land that remains uncontaminated.

Beaches, rocks, sandy dunes and brackish lagoons, bushes and evergreen pine forests, rolling and fertile countryside dotted with farmhouses, olive trees and rows of vineyards.

From the hills and the tufaceous rock cliffs, protected by walls, ancient villages perch, dominated by beautiful sunset views that highlight the grandeur of the Maremma.

The Tenuta Roccaccia farm in the Maremman hills is part of a territory known as the Citta del Tufa.

Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana are just some of the unique, evocative and suggestive locations that can be found in this territory.

This territory was shaped by the volcanic Volsini mountains, which have covered the landscape in ash, clay soil, sand, gravel and tufaceous material.
Here one of the most ancient human settlements made their home, searching for lush and rich soil.
Today the Maremmans still live in the same countryside that was occupied thousands of years ago, surrounded by picturesque destinations that are full of charm and rich in history and archeology.