Walking tracks around the Estate

From our garden you can follow various walking tracks that wind around the countryside and finish at the ruins of an ancient medieval castle known only as the Roccaccia, which belonged to the Terra Giuniccesca. Another castle you can explore is the Iuliano Castle, which was built on a tufaceous rock cliff near the Castiglione river. This area was already important during the Middle Ages for grape growing, as indicated by the numerous “pestarole” that surround the ruins. You can also see a small tub that was used to crush grapes.
The Sorgenti della Nova is also located a few kilometres from the farm and was an important town during the Bronze Age. Despite partial destruction caused by the work of a quarry, which remained active until the mid-’70s, archaeologists here did manage to unearth artificial grottoes and other various structures including an the exhaust hole, ponds to collect water, a Cabaletta drain and a kiln, all of which demonstrate just how vast this settlement was.
The Sorgenti della Nova overlaps into the protohistoric settlement in the medieval town of Castiglione, where you will find another tower and small church, around which were found some small cave houses.