History, art, fascinating ruins, silence and environment; among the infinite beauties of Italy, this is what the Tuscan Maremma can offer to those who love the slightly adventurous pleasure of digging the traces of civilization through contact with a still uncontaminated land.
Beaches, cliffs, sandy dunes and brackish lagoons, evergreen scrubs and pine forests, undulating and very fertile countryside dotted with farmhouses, olive trees and orderly rows of vines alternate with barren land without vegetation.
From the hills and tufaceous shelves, protected by imposing walls, ancient villages scenographically perched, wonderful panoramas dominate incomparable sunsets that enhance the grandeur of the Maremma.

The Tenuta Roccaccia company in the hilly Maremma is part of the territory of the Città del Tufo.

Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana are some of the most singular, solitary and suggestive places.
The geophysical conformation of the area is derived from the volcanic activity of the Volsini mountains, which determined the covering of ashes and lapilli of the clay, sand and gravel soils, transforming them into tuffaceous material.
Here the most ancient human settlements had their first refuge in the instinctive search for naturally defended spaces.
Man is still present in the same places occupied thousands of years ago and the picturesque centers represent destinations full of charm and rich in historical and archaeological memories.