Suggestive and very ancient town at the entrance of which the ruined Rocca Aldobrandesca stands out.
Entering the Piazza del Pretorio, the Palazzo del Protorio stands out on the right, adorned with a series of sculptural coats of arms. Inside are the Archaeological Museum and the Documentary Center. Next to it stands the Loggia del Capitano.
Inside the square we find the 13th century building of the Archive which was the seat of the Municipality and of the Archive.
On the left side of the square stands the Church of Santa Maria, which houses a rare pre-Romanesque ciborium, unique in all of Tuscany.
Then we find the Palazza dei Marchesi Bourbon del Monte and the ruined walls of the Church of San Mamiliano, numbered among the oldest buildings in Sovana.
On the west end of the town stands the Cathedral, dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle, considered the most important medieval monument and the birthplace of Pope Gergorio VII.
In the countryside around Sovana there are various necropolises and the well-known Etruscan tombs.
To remember among the singular monuments “La Mano Di Orlando”.